Good Things Comes from Artistry of Design with a natural leather

 Welcome at Silverclock

An haute-couture of the LEATHERCRAFTS – from accessories to the jewellery.  if you looking an singular and high-quality unique objects  fully hand made to order in a natural leather- YOU ARE in the right place. 

What is Silverclock?

Silverclock is, first of all, an idea, which connects different media and people.

Silverclock is also a creative and professional team.

This place is dedicated for  Silverclock’s LEATHERWORKS

provided by Katarzyna, an Etsy Silverclock Costumes shop owner.

Everything what you would like to know about the whole range of  beautiful hand made  leather products. art collaboration, how that started and  what is my personal atitude to creating – it’s all HERE.



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Silverclock Co-Creator, Costume Designer, Leather Jewellerer


Create own style with natural leather:


Amazing and unique Butterflies and Moths collection. Fashionable and timeless Jewellery and Accessories.




Welcome in Silverclock’s wands atelier. If you need a something truly magical you’re in right place.

Wands and holsters, sets and related products. Great gift ideas.

it’s all HERE.


What if everything would be possible? What if you could ask for customized item for order it in truly desired shape and colour theme?


Exclusive COllectionS

Custom Made of Natural Leather Jewellery Only by SILVERCLOCK
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Butterflies & Moths Collection

 SO What we do

 Leathercrafted Jewellery Made With Love

We have an own term of hand made aesthetic. Our creation are individually designed, with a huge atention to the details. We are NOT  just-put-already-existing-modules-togedher. We make things from the plain piece of leather; hand carving, hand painting. WE willing to make them SINGULAR. An HAUTE-COUTURE of Leatherworks.


How It Works


Chat With Maker

Any question about the products or the idea?  You wondering can you get fully customized item?Do not hesitate to contact me:)

Products Selection

I love to contemplate around different sort of themes, spread to many areas of the design so SILVERCLOCK team created collections, and also single created items. We love make things usable and durable but with own, unique style. 



Entirely fitted for your needs service. Customized  singular items made to order.