Katarzyna using a wide range of artistic techniques. Graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań (major: artistic education)

Since 2013, he has been collaborating with the Grand Theater – National Opera.

In February 2015, she made her debut on the chamber stage of the Grand Theater with costumes for  PUPA – a ballet performance in one act based on the works of Witold Gombrowicz.

She designed costumes for the show Calliya H.Ch. Andersen (Premiere September 3, 2015). After the metamorphosis from a mix media show to a musical with the original title Thumbelina (Premiere on March 19, 2017),

then to a ballet created with the youngest audience in mind, Carnival of the Animals by Camille Saint-Saëns (Premiere on May 16, 2017).
Based on archival materials, she created a picturesque adaptation of Andrzej Kreutz Majewski’s costumes for Giselle, stage of Moniuszko Grand Theatre – National Opera in Warsaw (premiere November 25, 2022)
The latest of her original costumes can be seen in the ballet   Don Quixote choreographed by Anna Hop Opera at the Castle in Szczecin (Premiere October 28, 2023)

Currently supervising original costumes forPinocchiostage- Moniuszko Grand Theatre – National Opera in Warsaw in choreography by Anna Hop. Premiere 21 April 2024

Her costume designs for performances are largely based on the idea of ​​dressing “body to body” in a simple and completely transforming way, without restrictions for the intense movement of dancers and acrobats. The painterly treatment of materials, both in specially designed patterns for printing on fabric and hand-painted and decorated, maintains the characteristic level of the costume’s visual appeal., willingly uses natural leather to create jewellery, accessories and props, combines design with the highest quality artistic craftsmanship. In his activities, he combines a wide range of creative tools, both digital and traditional, and transfers his comprehensive artistic awareness to costumes comprehensively designed in the smallest details, harmonizing with the stage surroundings.

What is Silverclock?

Silverclock is, first of all, an idea, which connects different media and people.

Silverclock is also a creative and professional team.

Because all of us do varied art activity the offer of Silverclock spans on several related and at the same time independent departments:

LEATHERWORKS – wide range of beautiful goods- jewellery and accessories designed and handmade by Us of natural leather.

COSTUMES – design& realization of individual costumes and for shows.

SPACE BETWEEN COLORS – an illustrating and lettering art portfolio by Kot

TALES FROM GREEN SHADOW – section connects writing projects where Magdalena Majchrzycka is at the charge.

 We also are experienced in a wide area of photography arts&crafts graphic design & IT


My name is Katarzyna and I have worked under the name of Silverclock since 2010. I’m based in the UK, in North Yorkshire.
I have over 15 years of experience working on commercial projects and in fine art.
I am the founder and co-creator of Silverclock. I work as a costume designer. I’m also an illustrator, a glass artist and a

I love finding the solution and working from a different perspective on subjects. 

This page contains my desings and products though in a spirit of Silverclock collective.

I use a language of creation and creativity to wide forms of visual expresion.

K. Rott

Designer and Creator


Founder,  co-creator of Silverclock and an iron heart of the concept. Amazing artist and writer with a giant visual imagination, great at graphic design, photography, and hand-crafts (especially leatherwork and bone carving). Magdalena lives in Poland.


Blacksmithing, leatherworks , Silverclock team member and support.Second half of Magdalena.


A Creative team working remotely.

We start with photography as our Silverclocks language and then expand it on different areas. THE most important thing is being real in what we do and the solution is to use our artistries on individual way.

We build the Silverclock brand on arts and crafts which has equal, aesthetics levels.

Each Silverclock’s product has own creator -designer and maker. If you recognize our style on other than source pages please know that are copies.


 TsOnly the Best

Natural Leather & Craftmanship

Mostly our handmade objects are small. We are able and often we ARE USING a leather scraps.  Our creations are-as natural leather is- very durable, some of them will serve you all your life.  When you order a customized object you would not change it like low quality accessories from mass production of upcoming seazons. 


Designed and Handmade at SILVERCLOCK

  We start use a natural leather from a need of customly designed items in forms, shapes and colours which wasn’t available anywhere elses.  Naturally as our medium is- We take a  plenty of inspiration from  the nature world and go to all directions which are limited only by pour imagination. We are keen for custom requests and exploring of the extension of personality trough the outfit. 


How It Works


Chat With A Maker

 We are keen to comunicate and personally answer to all questions .

Product Selection

At the moment we offer a stock SALE, but usually all Silverclock items are made to order. Naturally.


Design your style

Actually you can request an item made to order. Do not hesitate contact me:)