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First we present small decorative forms made of natural, veg tanned leather.

Almost all of them Magdalena did in the spirit of Silverclock cooperating with Two Towers leatherwork.It started as a lot of our creation-because we had a bag of leather. Magdalena create a two hair pins int hat time, I did another two complicated designs and idea died naturally.After year the idea born again in different form. And now we can show some of handwork as a part of contribution to Twotowers leatherwork but Silverclock’s one.

Definitly a big amount of work we will call a jewelry one, because of high decorativity and definitelly wearable as the final touch of the look.In leatherworks you can find hairpins but also, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and brooches as a daily wear but showing personality.You can find light and delicate butterfly wings earrings, and a lot of form as a tribute to the nature but transformed by artist hands.

Our leatherwork section has accesories for costumes and  more unusual forms: masks, artworks in a spirit of fantasy style, steampunk style, victorian and other.

Silverclock’s work is always 100% of quality, handcrafted and well designed.

 If describe this letaher works as a collections there will be the biggest one



A collection which will rich at least 100 designs based on exsisting in nature kinds of butterflies and moths well connected with semi precious stones.You can order it desired shape as a hairpin broche or as a part of smaller forms- bracelets and earrings.



which includes  designs closely based on leafs,flowers,animal and insects


and last one

” Treasure Chest”

includes a wide range of motifs show a full spectrum of influences, eclectism of forms and styles;patterns,pleats and motifes transformated form the history trought the imagination of maker.

                                     Inspiration and interpretating essentials in one.