There is no better time than Christmas time for giving an unique gifts.

Past couple years me and Magdalena were very busy at Silverclock to finish all orders on time, and- like in case of a birthday gift- our customers appreciated much more any customized items. Personally, I always thought that a bookmark is a brilliant and very universal gift for those whom love this amazing romans with printed into paper stories.

I don’t think that there is a better material for hand made bookmark than natural leather. It gives all advantages above others: can be thin, carved, burned, painted- and to be honest- that type of items are really durable.  If you connect it with customized motif… Isn’t a perfect gift of a kind?

 I always had this ease and fun for drawing or painting an animals especially as an object of exercise rather than art. Aparently, designing a dog bookmark which will be made in natural leather, a tiny miniature portrait,  of someones companion added a new energy to that explored for me subject. There is so many possibilities there; The bookmark can include a letter art, some linearart, it can be done really three dimentional and just stained in natural browns or be pyrographed,  made in full colour  or just with a  metallic highlights. 

And when somone request a pet from their own photo, truly what a joy for bored brain what a challenge! So in case I will do similar product with custom color combo be sure that I will put all effort to make evry each item better than previous,other way…there is a risk to be bored.