WAND SET black and silver


Black base carved with silver details and  edge on the holster.



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Welcome at Silverclock’s Wands Atelier

If you need a wand set you’re in right place.


Specifications of this set:

COLOR COMBINATION -Phoenix Orange Browns Gold


UNBREAKABLE, very light, slightly flexible, SAFE.

Fully handmade, hand-tooled, pyrographed, and hand-painted with high-quality leather dye and paints NATURAL LEATHER.

The Wand is 31-34cm long ( You can let me know what suits you the best!)

Light and durable, slightly elastic.

Everything that you want(D), should have.


A hand-made leather holster attachable to the belt( up to 3cm wide let me know if you need it in different sizes) closes on the push button.

Colors: Shades of Brown, Orange, and Gold.

Versatile, unisex with carved feather and steampunk details: rivets and wing …it can be interpreted as golden snitch

Handmade, hand-tooled,  and hand-painted leather. Hand-burned details, hot-pressed metallic foil.

Silverclock wands are created in our workshop based in North Yorkshire but now it never was that simple!

You can meet your destiny and find the right wand for you ONLINE.

Our wand is equally good and what’s the most important they really await of their real owners.



 Kyrie van Rijn – the shop owner.


From the purchase, the processing time is 3 up to 14 days. 


Treat with respect! It is water-resistance/dropping resistance but please treat it decently.

If not in use keep it in a dry place, separate the wand and holster to keep it in the best condition for years.

Without any doubts -Leaving in a bowl of water or standing on it might affect a physical dimension of the wand there is no guaranty on it.

This wand as an object is safe.

Additional information

Weight 0.04 kg
Dimensions 33 × 12 × 1.5 cm


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