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Since we create together we have many different Silverclock’s projects. First  “the big one” is “Cat &Bear”. With a Cat& Bear we can talk about  a wide area, a full world.The idea.

Mainly is a book.

A trilogy.

W poszukiwaniu Srebrnozegaru

In a search of Silverclock. Written in mixed writing styles,picturize page after page.Language: Polish.*

The scale of this idea reach alternative story, comics, pc game,gadgets with heros of the story.

BOOK “Trzy Dęby”

Illuminated  Children book with a 3 stories dedicated  age 5 to 10.Language: polish.

Fantasy calendar .One of our  youngest projects includes 12 digital paintings  based on photography of the tea.it’s an our point of view on the fantasy style in art and literature.


*personally in my opinionit is not possible to translate this book on english language, perchaps if someone could translate it like” Jabberwocky” Lewis Caroll, they I can belive it’s possible)